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    How to Play Multi Hand Poker

    How to Play Multi Hand Poker
    By betterplay Staff
    February 14, 2019

    What type of poker do you prefer? Are you a big fan of 7 Card Stud? Maybe you prefer Omaha, or the classic 5 Card Draw? Maybe you love them all and just can’t get enough? Whatever type of poker variants you enjoy, you will be able to enjoy more of them than ever when you find some good resources for multi hand poker.

    This unique poker style is a child of the internet. It is one of the best things to come out of the world of online casino gaming, allowing you play poker at several tables at once. It can be called video poker or multi hand poker, but the format is going to be roughly the same.

    Video Poker Basics

    Start off by downloading the software available through your preferred poker site or online casino. You may even be able to enjoy a Flash version that requires no downloads at all! Once you create a player’s account, decide whether to enjoy the free games or to actually make a deposit and begin playing for real money prizes.

    You will be able to enter the online casino or poker site through a virtual “lobby” from which you may choose the gaming rooms that are of interest to you at the moment. If it is strictly poker that the player wants to enjoy, they head to the main region of the casino and begin taking a look at the tables with seats available. Depending upon the casino’s rules, the player of multi hand poker will be able to select a number of tables at which to play, and will then be able to use the software or website features to begin playing several different tables at once.

    They can mix and match the variants being played or remain in one fixed type of game. They take a seat at a low stakes table or gain access to those with higher buy ins as well. The great thing is that they can begin to enjoy a much wider range of poker experiences, but all in the same amount of time. For instance, the player who used to sit at a single table of Texas Hold’em for an hour each day can now spend that same hour playing across four of five different tables all playing their preferred poker variants.

    How is this possible? It is all done through the different software packages that the casinos use. Most have a wonderful format that keeps all of the open and active tables viewable as single screens or in a tiled format that lets the player watch every single table at once. Most of the casinos use systems that automatically alert the seated players when it is their turn. So, the player who wants to engage in five different Texas Hold’em games at one time would be able to use their computer and have the active window automatically “pop” open when it was their turn to act or make their move.

    One of the other great things about the use of video poker rooms and online casinos is that they are becoming more and more interactive. This means that the person who likes to use “chatting” functions at the different social networking sites could actually get into conversations with other players seated at the same poker tables too. This would be a good way to meet those who play in tournaments or simply to exchange thoughts on strategy and more.

    Where strategy is concerned, it is also hard to beat the use of the multi hand poker tables as a sort of tutorial. They can allow you to really challenge your strategic skills and speed of play, but they also let you save the moves you have made and to review them to see where you made the best choices or where you might have blundered. When using them for the free games it is often a wonderful way to sharpen skills without risking the bankroll.

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