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    All About Bingo Bonuses

    All About Bingo Bonuses
    August 13, 2019
    One of the best things about playing online bingo is the easy cash prizes. These are typically referred to as bingo bonuses. These online bingo bonuses come in a number of different forms and offer players various rewards. Each bingo room may offer a different combination of bingo bonus money, so it is very important to understand the guidelines each bingo site has regarding each bonus.

    No Deposit Bonus

    This type can rightly be called free bingo money. No-deposit bonuses are almost always offered as rewards for new member sign-ups. In order to claim a no-deposit bonus, you simply need to go through the registration process at your chosen bingo site. It should be noted that not every casino site offers no-deposit bonuses, and those that do typically keep these bonuses small.

    Having said that, it is pretty cool to be able to get a few bingo cards and start playing absolutely for free, without any type of obligation. This online bingo bonus will allow you to poke around the site and give their games a good try. You may even win some money. Keep in mind, though, that each site will have different rules and requirements about withdrawing your winnings. Some will not allow it at all; others will require you make a minimum deposit first; still others will insist on a certain amount of “action” or wagering first. Just be sure to check the rules first.

    Sign-Up Bonus

    Like the no-deposit bonus, the sign-up bingo bonus is almost always offered to new players only. This may also be referred to as a match bonus. With this bonus, you are offered bonus money after making an initial deposit; the bingo site offers to gift you with a matching amount of deposit-money, effectively increasing your overall balance. The amount of your deposit that is matched will vary from site to site. Some will match your initial deposit by 100%. This means that if you deposit 100 (pounds, dollars, Euros, etc…) you will receive an additional 100. Other places may even offer a 200% match or more.

    Most sites will limit the actual amount of cash received from such a bonus. For example, the wording may be, “100% match bonus up to a maximum of $150.” This would mean that your maximum bonus is $150. If you deposited anything more than $150, you will still only receive $150.

    Reload Bonuses

    Any subsequent deposits made by a player may qualify for what is known as a reload bonus. Generally, reload bonuses are also a type of match-bonus. Typically, reload bonuses reach up to 50% of what you put in, but again, with some limitations.. In some cases, these bonuses may be higher than 50%. In other cases, there could be hybrid or carryover offers.

    Some sites will extend a reload match bonus to include as many as two or three subsequent deposits. Again, the absolute amount of the bonus money will likely be limited, but this could be a great way to make your money stretch further. Make sure you read the rules about what must done to withdraw your deposit and/or winnings when receiving such bonuses.

    Referral Bonuses:

    Some sites want to encourage players to refer their friends and associates. As an incentive to do so, they will offer a bonus for each player who makes a deposit as a result of your referral. These bonuses are typically small, averaging between $10 and $20 (occasionally given as a percentage of the new player’s deposit, but usually just a flat amount). Your friend may be required to make a minimum deposit in order for you to collect this bonus.

    VIP Bonuses

    These are bonuses offered just for being a loyal and frequent player. They are usually given in bonus points, based on the number of tickets you have played or the amount of money spent. The points may later be redeemed for free bingo cards, tickets to exclusive events, or other rewards. Sometimes, they can even be redeemed for cash directly.

    Seasonal Promotions

    In addition to all of the above bingo bonuses, there may be a great number of promotions, which change from time to time. These may include free entrance to tournaments, get-away vacations, or even cash prizes. Seasonal bonuses can present excellent opportunities for astute players to grab even more free bingo money!

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