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    90 Ball Bingo

    90 Ball Bingo
    August 13, 2019
    Bingo comes in many fun variations. The most common is the 90-ball variety. This game has been played up and down the UK since Bingo first appeared on British shores.

    Popular with all, 90 ball Bingo is also very common around the world including in parts of Europe, South America and Australia. The main differences between this type of Bingo and other variations, such the 75 ball form or the 30 ball game are the design of the Bingo cards and the winning combinations available.

    Discover more about 90 ball bingo

    The Bingo card

    The Bingo card which is found commonly in the UK and at a large variety of Bingo sites online is made up of 9 vertical and 3 horizontal lines with 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces in each row. In every card the first column contains numbers from 1-9, the second column contains the numbers 10 – 19, the third column 20 – 29 and so on and so forth until the last column on the Bingo card contains the numbers from 80 – 90.

    The Bingo caller is always the person to watch and listen to. As the Bingo caller calls out each successive number, each player will mark off on their card as and when they have a matching number. If you play online, the computer will normally mark off the numbers for you, each card being marked off automatically by the site's auto-daub feature. Of course, in Bingo, the numbers called are totally random, so the excitement mounts as you will never know when your numbers will be called. Getting all of your numbers marked off is not the end of the game. It is the one who shouts 'Bingo' first who wins. Often in a crowded Bingo hall, there are so many players that is common for two or more players to complete their cards simultaneously. At this point it really is the first one to shout 'Bingo' who wins. The Bingo caller will check your card against the list of called numbers and declare you the winner.

    90 ball bingo - the basics

    Winning 90 Ball Bingo

    90 Ball Bingo is so named since 90 is the maximum amount of numbers that can possibly be called in the game. It is played on bingo cards which have three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns.

    You will find that there are three basic patterns in 90 Ball Bingo. The first is One Line, the second is the Two Line game and the third is the Full House. To play is straightforward and easy. The first player who crosses off a horizontal line is the winner of the One Line game. Then the first player to cross off two horizontal lines wins the Two Line game. Then the player who successfully crosses off all three lines on their Bingo card wins the Full House. Normally the prizes available for each pattern will also increase in value too, with the biggest prizes being awarded for a Full House.


    Although there are really very few rules to learn in order to master Bingo, there are indeed some clear rules surrounding Bingo etiquette. The main one is the premature calling of 'Bingo', when done to annoy other players. Also it is frowned upon to make noises as you mark off numbers on your card. Another big no no is arguing with the Bingo caller about which numbers have or have not already been called. Bingo is a fun game to be enjoyed by all. Whether you play in a hall or online, the excitement and prizes can be fantastic. You will see why Bingo is enjoyed by million across the globe.

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