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    80 Ball Bingo

    80 Ball Bingo
    August 19, 2019
    The Bingo game of choice today is certainly 80 ball Bingo. Of course there is a wide variety of Bingo games to choose from. However 80 ball Bingo has increasingly become popular with players both in Bingo halls and online. Research has shown that 80 ball Bingo will often give bigger prizes and bigger cash payouts than other available games.

    Playing 80 Ball Bingo

    80 Ball Bingo normally has three variations from which you can choose. We suggest that you try each one and decide which one you prefer. The first involves completing a line, the squares in the four corners of your card or the middle squares. To win you must simply complete any vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, as well as the four outer corners or the four squares in the middle of your card.

    The second variation is called, Line and House. This form of the game of 80 Ball Bingo follows the same rules we just outlined with both the lines and corners up for grabs. However here we come across an additional rule. In Line and House you can also go for your entire card, getting a Full House. Get a full house and win the game.

    A traditional yet very popular game is four-line Bingo. It is rumored that this version of Bingo was very popular amongst the gangsters of Chicago during the years of prohibition. Whilst sipping illegal alcohol, players would enjoy a game of Four line Bingo and the winner would not just win cash but also gain respect from local criminal leaders, looking for finance for their enterprises.

    Playing four line Bingo involves the possibility of winning four prizes. Each prize is won once one of the four vertical lines has been completed on your Bingo card. In the first round players can go for any of the vertical lines. However in the second round, players then must fill two lines. Following this, in the third round, players fill up the third column and then the fourth game will involve getting a full house, achieved when the whole card has been completed.

    Each card in 80 Ball Bingo contains 16 numbers. These are divided into four rows and four columns. The first two columns, often shaded in differing colours will always show numbers 1-20 and 21-40 respectively, while the third and fourth columns will show numbers 41-60 and 61-80 respectively.

    Play 80 Ball Bingo online

    Bingo is now available to all thanks to the wonders of the internet and also smart phone technology. Once associated with elderly ladies competing with other in Church halls, Bingo halls, or retirement homes, Bingo has now gained glamour and even a degree of sexiness. Bingo is played now by celebrities, city workers along with regular folk, all looking for a fun way to unwind and win some prizes.

    Online Bingo has high stake prizes, fun games and lots of opportunities to win cash sums. Online sites also give you extra features such as chat rooms, articles and also other popular games to play when you have finished playing a few games of Bingo. 80 Ball Bingo is extremely popular and a great game to play, either online or with friends at home. Why not tryout the game and soon you will see why millions across the world refuse to play anything else.

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