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    75 Ball Bingo

    75 Ball Bingo
    October 10, 2019
    Bingo is a fun game enjoyed by millions worldwide. Bingo began in Italy in the 1500s. Originally this game of chance formed a part of the Italian national lottery. However it was soon to gain popularity across Europe as a fun pastime enjoyed mainly by the upper classes. It was not until Bingo moved across to the United States did the famous call of "Bingo' enter the picture.

    Bingo comes in several exciting forms and you can find many variations of this popular game. One of the most popular is 75 Ball Bingo. Once more popular in the US than in Britain and Europe, with the help of the internet, 75 Ball Bingo has now gained an immense following in the Uk as well.

    75 Ball Bingo is popular since it is straight forward and fun to play. 75 Ball bingo involves a simple and face paced variation of Bingo which uses just the numbers from 1 to 75. This simple formula allows your Bingo game to be completed earlier and faster than other types of Bingo.

    Playing 75-Ball

    To play 75 Ball bingo, players each receive a card which comprises five vertical rows and five horizontal rows. Normally the card will have the word "BINGO" displayed at the top of it as well. Since75 Ball bingo will use only numbers from 1 to 75 and each playing card contains a grid which has only 24 numbers. This leaves one blank square in the centre. Each column is represented by a letter from the word 'Bingo'. Therefore the numbers from 1 - 15, 16 - 30, 31 - 45, 46 - 60 and 61 - 75 will all be placed under columns B, I, N, G and O, respectively.


    Winning at 75 Ball bingo is similar to all other Bingo games. Each player patiently marks off the numbers called until the desired pattern has been formed. This might be several columns or rows or of course until the whole card has been completed, known as a full house.

    The bingo caller or dealer will calls out numbers from 1 to 75 at random. When the player who is first to complete the required pattern has filled in the spaces on their card, they must shout out Bingo. Shouting out Bingo tells everyone that they have a completed card. Without shouting out Bingo, a player cannot be confirmed as the winner or receive their prize. The most popular way to play 75 ball Bingo is known as the 'coverall'. This involves filling all the boxes on the card in order to win.

    Playing Online

    75 ball Bingo has now reached the world through the technology of the internet and online gaming. No longer do players worry about a pen running out of ink, since no actual marking of your Bingo card is required. Online bingo sites provide players with an automatic dauber, which will mark off automatically the numbers as they are called. Players simply sit back and relax as the online 75 Ball bingo game is played. Online Bingo creates a fun and interactive playing environment in which you can chat with other players, play games and also learn more about gaming and bingo in the forums and chat rooms. Online Bingo takes Bingo to a new level of entertainment. You will meet players from across the world and also enjoy reading articles and hearing the latest celebrity gossip whilst playing Bingo from the comfort of your own home.

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