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    30 Ball Bingo aka Speed Bingo

    30 Ball Bingo aka Speed Bingo
    August 13, 2019
    Bingo today is more popular than ever. Bingo has for decades been a regular pastime up and down the country and has offered some great prizes for players as well. Bingo can be played at home or of course in one of the many popular Bingo halls found on the high street. Today with technology and the spread of gaming to the internet, bingo has become more versatile, exciting and advanced.

    The internet has allowed Bingo to expand into all the possible forms which the game can take. Since entering the world of online gaming,Bingo has quickly become one of the biggest online pastimes, with player numbers increasing steadily year on year. There are also many benefits to playing Bingo online, rather than braving the cold to visit a local bingo hall. Firstly most sites will offer new players free bonuses just for signing up. This bonus may double your money for no effort at all. Bingo in a Bingo hall will also always be limited by the number of games played and also by time. These restrictions do not exist online. Online you can always play however many games you like and for as long as you like.

    The internet also allows for a greater variety of games. As well as Bingo, sites will offer other options for you to try, including black jack, poker, slots and other fun casino style games. Sites will often also have fun articles to read with celebrity gossip and often will also have interesting forums or chat rooms, where players can meet each other and socialize. Online you can play with members from across the globe, whenever you like and also enjoy meeting new people too.

    30 Ball Bingo

    30 ball bingo is a relatively new addition to online bingo. 30 ball bingo is played on a three by three bingo card, which as a total of nine squares. It's name, 30 Ball bingo, comes from the fact that thirty numbers are called out during the game. 30 ball bingo actually has the fewest numbers called of all the Bingo games around. This of course means also the fewest number of squares which need to be marked off. This makes 30 Ball bingo the fastest, most adrenaline filled game available today. Games are played in a very short period of time and the tension and excitement mount very quickly as the action speeds up. In just one hour you can play several games and if you play more than one game at the same time the experience is a lot more fun too.

    Since the pace is so quick, 30 ball bingo is also known as Speed bingo, so watch out for that name too. 30 ball bingo is extremely popular with the probability of winning the progressive jackpot in a Speed Bingo game being much higher than winning the Progressive Jackpot in either a 75 and 90 ball bingo game.

    Another key difference with 30 ball bingo is also that the only winning combination is a full house, when you have completely covered the whole board. There are no mixtures or variations, which are found in other games. This also adds to the tension, with the energy mounting until one and only person winning the jackpot.

    To start playing,simply select the site which suits your needs best. Enjoy the fun and excitement of 30 ball bingo which can be played online anywhere and at any time.

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